Childrens Place

Children's House

We appreciate how important these early years are in each child’s development. Parents always want the best for their child and, with that in mind, we create the finest learning environment possible.

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Toddlers Room

Toddler Classroom

We find that giving young children loving and responsive care – in school and in the home –dramatically improves their future development and greatly enhances their ability to learn.

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Art Center

Tuition & Fees

Our academic curriculum consists of language, mathematics, practical life, art, sensorial, geography, zoology and cultural subjects, and we include Spanish daily.  Extra-curricular activities include dance and music

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Work Areas

Summer Tuition & Fees

Our summer curriculum consists of language, practical life, sensorial, arts and crafts, numerals, cultural, music and movement, teddy bear picnics, oceans of fun, cooking and more.

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